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Professional pattern making paper

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Ersatz pattern making paper is strong but see through!

Pattern making paper

for drawing and transferring patterns

When you search online for good quality pattern making paper, you will come across the name ersatz. Since ersatz paper is a professional pattern making paper, it is nice and sturdy, so you can often reuse a pattern made from this paper. In addition, it is still transparent and that is very convenient.

That is why you use this pattern making paper for drawing your own patterns as well as transferring patterns from a ready made pattern like in sewing magazines


Use write-on tape when sticking pieces of patterned paper together…

Ersatz pattern paper is 50cm wide, which is usually enough for 1 piece unless you are drawing an asymmetrical pattern or the size of the pattern is intended for a full figure

That’s why there is now 60cm wide pattern drawing paper with the same quality as the smaller one!

Ersatz pattern makingpaper on a roll

Do you want to buy a roll of pattern making paper? Then we have a small roll, a large roll and a very large roll in 50 cm wide. The most sold is the large roll, which contains 995 grams of paper and is about 44m. We also sell a small roll, a large roll and a very large roll of 60 cm wide.

All rolls of professional ersatz pattern making paper are paper of 45 grams per square meter

Professional pattern making paper

In this photo you can see the large rolls of ersatz pattern making paper and our aluminum pattern drawing ruler

The different rolls of pattern drawing paper:

  • Small roll of 50 cm pattern drawing paper = 245 grams – about 11 meters
  • Small roll of 60 cm pattern drawing paper = 245 grams – about 9 meters
  • Large roll of 50 cm pattern drawing paper = 995 grams – approximately 44 meters
  • Large roll of 60 cm pattern making paper = 995 grams – approximately 37 meters
  • Very large roll of 50 cm pattern making paper = 10 kg – about 440 meters
  • Very large roll of 60 cm pattern making paper = 10 kg – about 370 meters

Are you looking for a pattern drawing paper wholesaler? Do not look further, order a very large roll…

Extra stevig patroontekenpapier ersatz

Pattern drawing paper sheets ersatz

Do you prefer your pattern drawing paper in sheets? These sheets are a little thinner than the paper on a roll. It’s weight is 40 grams per square metre and the sheets are 62x85cm. In short: if you want pattern making paper in sheets, try these ones

Rolls or sheets pattern making paper with the sewing machine

Is it difficult to choose?

Maybe this will help: storing rolls of paper is easier, they take up less space than sheets of paper because they are best stored flat, so they take up a space on your cutting or drawing table of 62x85cm

Do you use a lot of pattern drawing paper?

Then consider the very large roll with a roll holder, because you use the roll holder you do not tear off too much paper. Moreover, you throw away less paper scraps, which is good for your wallet and the environment!

Why order our professional pattern making paper ersatz?

  • Strong pattern drawing paper, use your pattern repeatedly
  • See through / transparent for easy transferring the pattern
  • Ersatz pattern making paper – the professional paper
  • Small roll for occasional use
  • Large rolls for frequent users
  • Very large roll for your workshop
  • High quality, in one word better than the thin pattern paper from Action, Zeeman or Hema

Our beautifull strong (ersatz) pattern making paper is sought-after – a real TOP seller!