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Welcome to Beauty VoF » Vilene interfacing edgetape T20 - 4cm

Vilene interfacing edgetape T20 - 4cm

Beauty VoF Kantenband vlieseline set: T20 = 2cm en daarbij ook de 3 en 4cm brede

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Looking for vilene edgetape T20 or 4cm?
Or would you rather have edgetape in 2, 3 and 4cm wide? So all three sizes in one set, that is handy!

Beauty VoF edgetape vilene set: T20 = 2cm and the 3 and 4cm too
Beauty VoF edgetape vilene set: T20 = 2cm and the 3 and 4cm too

Vilene interfacing edgetape T20

Edgetape T20 by vilene is 2cm wide. On one of those rolls you will find 20m edgetape. We sell rolls of 25m and besides white we also sell it in black. Edgetape T20 is the only one commonly sold but our assortment contains more sizes…

Edgetape 4cm vilene interfacing

4cm is pretty wide I hear you think, what to do with the different sizes edgetape?
Readm more about how to use vilene interfacing tapes including edgetape:

Beauty VoF edgetape set: T20, 3cm ánd 4cm

As we have three sizes edgetape in our assortment we thought we make a set of them. All three widths are found in the set and you can choose white or black. White edgetape is usually used in the summer fabrics because they are lighter in colour. The black edgetape is more commonly used in winter fabrics when we often use darker colours

In the edgetape set you will find 5m of the 2cm, 5m of the 3cm edgetape and 5m of the 4cm tape. Including all info you need like ironing temperaturen, washing instructions and ironing time! This set is handy if you want to test which size you prefer. If you find out you use the 3cm edgetape the most you can always purchase a roll of 25m!

Order vilene interfacing edgetape

Order your own set edgetape in white or black or would you like both colours? Order the bundle and get an extra discount.