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Appliqué scissors - duckbill

Applicatie van een lotusbloem

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appliqué scissors - duckbill

Appliqué scissors, also named duckbill scissors is a specially shaped pair of scissors. You use it for all types of sewing and it is specially suited for appliqué You can cut very precisely with these scissors. The round duckbill part presses the fabric up and slightly away so you can cut very close to the stitches..

What are appliqué scissors?

They are special scissors with a round duckbill piece on one blade. Use the appliqué scissors for cutting away excess fabric and threads. Because of the duckbill you can cut one seam at a time without accidentally cutting the bottom layer.”,{“type”:”br”,”props”:{“children”:[]}},”The bent shape of these scissors give you the right angle to the fabric and therefore you can cut very presicely

Why appliqué scissors?

How to cut with your appliqué scissors

You can cut very precise. Say you are making a heart appliqué. You have stitched the heart shape with a small zigzag on your fabric and cut away the extra fabric around it. With the sppliqué scissors you can cut right upto the stitches. After cutting you can sew over the frayed edge with a buttonhole stitch

Someone who is righthanded will cut counter clockwise, a left handed person the opposite: clockwise. When cutting a straight: righthanded will face the seam away from you and lefthanded will cut with the seam facing them, see the picture

Lotusflower appliqué

You see the result of appliqué with different fabrics, thread colours and ofcourse your appliqué scissors. Remember polysheen thread when doing appliqué, this is nice and shiny and can withstand light very well. Because it is embroidery thread it has better resistance to light than universal sewing thread

Appliqué of a lotusflower

Interlining for appliqué

Embroidered jeans jacket made from denim fabric

There are many different embroidery interlinings, from self adhesive to iron on and sew in types. What is suitable depends on what you want to accomplish. You can also use normal interlining for appliqué. Check oout the lotus flower, the fabrics are thin. Mostly thin fabrics are harder to sew. Use a thin vilene interlinink like G785 to make the fabric more firm and easier to use. It will improve cutting with your appliqué scissors too!