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Discount for students of your fashion school

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Discount for students of your fashionschool and advantage for the teacher? That is new at Beauty VoF!

Discount for students of your fashion school: Are you the owner of a fashion school and you want to provide quality materials for your students without a haberdashery store nearby? Let your students order at the online shop for Fashion Makers with Ambition. And they will recieve a 5% discount on their order

And your advantage as the teacher?

Discount for students fashion school and advantage for the teacher
We have considered the teacher too: Onze a year, at the beginning of december, we check to see what your students have ordered this year through your fashion school account. Say 5 students have ordered and the total amount of those orders is € 200,- (incl. VAT) We will add 400 points to your personal account for free. These you can use in our shop for your own discount. Maybe you need a roll of interlining? Or rather a tailors ham? Order it and use your Beauty Points! Read all the conditions by clicking the button below…

How does it work

We will create a special user account for your fashion school so your students can order with the 5% discount. After logging on the prices will be discounted with 5%. So if you see a product for € 1,05 and after that you log on the same product will be displayed at € 1,- The account for your fashion school will exist next to your personal account where we will add your Beauty Points once a year
This student recieved a discount through the account of her teacher
As a teacher of fashion creation you know the result of self made garments is better when using quality materials. Ofcourse fabric is the first quality item you use but quality interlining is also very important. When your interlining is too thin your collar will not stand up. Is your interfacing too firm, your garment will also be stiff as a board. We advise you on which type of interlining fits your clothing for free. And sell them with a “discount for students of your fashion school” We also sell quality thread for sewing, overlocking, embroidery and topstitching by Amann Group Mettler. Thread cabinets too, ranging from 36 up to 430 colours universal sewing thread seralon. All colours in seraflex, the stretch sewing thread and seracylce the recycled sewing thread by Amann Mettler. Prices on request When sewing you will use a plethora of tools. From a simple seamripper or a needle threader to a simflex sewing gauge or a skirt marker. We love good quality products, that is why we have a lot of tools by Clover and Taylor Seville. Our skirtmarkers are by JKOS and that brand even has spare parts on offer! We sell special scissors like the spring or tweezer scissors and small sturdy scissors for cutting corners etc. Our rulers are made from aluminium and will last you a lifetime. And there are more of these handy tools for you to enjoy for years… Another important part of our assortment are the tailors hams and other pressing tools. From the standard hand tailors ham up to a pear or body shaped ham on a foot and everything in between. When working with quality materials you as the teacher will benefit, your students create their garments more easily and that is visible in the end result!
And with our assortment sewing tools you have everything to create beautiful garments... 

You and your students surely are FashionMakers with Ambition?

Why join the action

The more your students order through your fashion school account, the more points you will receive on your personal account. And it is free, it does not cost you anything. You just give a great service to your students
– – – a WIN WIN situation! – – –
Create your fashion school account today and tell Annette you would like to participate, she will set up your account further. You can call, app or email her, see the footer for the contact details