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Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge

Measuring buttons and pleats with the Simflex

The Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge

What is a Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge? It is a very usefull tool for measuring distance between buttonholes, buttons en pleats on patterns and fabrics.
Simflex knopen verdeler
This is the Simflex sewing gauge
Imagine this: You are sewing a coat and it will be closed with buttons at the front. So when it is time to measure out where the buttonholes and buttons should go you have to muddle through with your sewing tape and pins or chalk… For each buttonhole you measure again. It is the same when you make a blouse, blazer or coat and all other clothing with buttons and buttonholes.  Wouldn’t it be easier to get your simflex, pull it out to the desired length and voilá the points for your buttons are all evenly spaces and simply chalked. Isn’t that handy?
Met de simflex knopen verdeler knopen op de juiste plek zetten
Get the buttons in the right place with the simflex sewing gauge

Snaps, press studs or poppers and the simflex

When applying studs, snaps etc. the simflex is very usefull. From now on your press studs are aligned perfectly!
Gelijke afstand met de simflex knopen verdeler
Evenly spaced with the simflex sewing gauge
When putting in your snaps or eyelets remember the PRYM Vario Pliers and theTripod. With the Vario Pliers your squeeze the snaps in place on an even keel. And the tripod? That is a very handy tool when the poppers, eyelets, studs, rivets and other PRYM closures are put in further from the edge of the fabric.

Chalking pleats and other points on fabric

With what do you copy the points of the simflex to your fabric? We advise the tailors chalk pencils in white, yellow, red, blue and black. These mark different kinds of fabric well and if your fabric does not take it? A little bit of moisture on the tip makes the mark or line clearer… Your Simflex sewing gauge is also suitable for marking pleats. Stretch the simflex and copy, it is that easy… Simflex expanding sewing gauge – a super handy sewing tool!

Kleermakerspotloden in wit, geel, rood, blauw en zwart

Simflex met gebruiksaanwijzing
Simflex sewing gauge with manual

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