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Interlining Choosing Aid

Choose the right interlining for your garment!

Our PDF: Interlining Choosing Aid makes choosing your interfacing easier

Selecting the correct interfacing is not always a simple matter. It is not an exact science and sometimes testing it out will be the way to find the one you need. That is why we have created the PFD: Interlining Choosing Aid which you can use to make your choice. This document is based on the assumption that you are sewing clothing and using interfacing on the whole or part of the garment. Choose the best interlining for your outfit! After making your choice you can order the interlining directly from our shop or you order samples to test them. The samples are about 10x10cm and when you apply it to your fabric you can check if it does what your expect it to do. Please note: You can use more than one type of interlining on one garment. You can even apply to layers of interfacing over each other. With our bridal laminate for instance, it does not stretch exept diagonally ofcourse. To remedy that you can use a thin fusible cotton interlining to firm up the laminate and your bridal gowns top will be nice and sturdy without being stiff as a board.
Coat for a girl with the right interfacing, selected with our Interlining Choosing Aid pdf
Coat for a girl with the right interfacing, selected with our Interlining Choosing Aid pdf

Favorite interlining

When you have been creating beautiful clothing for a while you will have favorite interlinings. We also have one: Supple fusable viscose interlining in offwhite or black of 150cm wide. These two have the advantage that they make your fabric firmer but not stiff. We use this type in the most divergent fabrics and garments. From the collar and facing of a woollen wintercoat to the collar, cuff and buttoned placket of a cotton shirt Read more about it in our blog: Mijn favoriete plakdoek
My favorite supple viscose interlining is available in offwhite and black, choosen well with the Interlining Choosing Aid pdf

Still require aid when choosing interlining?

Because it is not the simplest task to find the correct interlining we have written and example about how Mieke chose her interlining. And one of Jolanda and the bridal gown for her daughter. We hope this example helps you with your choice in interlining…

In short:

Use the Interlining Choosing Aid to choose your interfacing. And if you are still unsure, please contact Annette for personal advice.

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