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Sleeve head tape

Kopband, het andere snorretje

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What is sleeve head tape

Sleeve head tape for the head of the sleeve, 5cm wide. Just as the curved sleeve head fillings it is sewn into the head of the sleeve. It is straight instead of curved like a boomerang. The material is thicker, about 2mm. the curved sleeve head fillings are barely 1mm.
Are you sewing a coat and your fabric needs more volume in the sleeve? Use the sleeve head tape instead of the curved fillings…

How to apply sleeve head tape

First you will need to measure how long the piece of tape should be. If you have a jacket sleeve with a upper and undersleeve part, the tape will usually be the same as the upper sleeve in the armhole. The curve dictates the length but ofcourse you can make it bigger.
How far down you go in the armhole depends on the fabric and cut of the garment. Test it out for the best result.

Now it is time to sew in the sleeve, just like you normally do. Make sure the seams are neat and even. Check if you have not made little pleats or lumps in the armhole before applying the sleeve head tape and shoulderpads.
Is everything OK place the edge of the sleeve head tape along the edge of the seam of your sleeve. The best way is pinning it to the sewn seam directly on where the stitches are and stitch it on. You can also stitch right beside the first stitches on the seam side

The last thing you do is turn the seam into the sleeve and check if it supports the sleeve head as required. If you fold it in with just pins you can get an idea but not really see the end result. The result only showes when you have sewn it…

Tip: Use a long stitch if you are not sure of the sleeve head tape position, large stitches are easily removed

How to ap-ply sleeve head tape pictures