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Vilene F220 ironing manual infosheet

De jurk van deze dame heeft een beleg verstevigd met vlieseline F220

Estimated readingbtime: 4 minutes

Vilene F220 ironing manual infosheet. This great vilene interlining is not too thick and is commonly used in small parts of blouses and dresses like collars, facings and the placket

Vilene F220 in black and white

Because this Vilene interlining is made from 100% recycled polyester it is suitable when sustainability is an issue. For the cloting brand but also for the person who sews their own wardrobe

Advantages of Vilene F220

  • Thin interfacing (about 43 grams per m2)
  • made from polyester so no schrinkage
  • 100% manufacturered of recycled material
  • Ironing temperature wool to cotton, so suitable for a lot of different fabrics

    Apply Vilene F220 after reading the manual infosheet, by ironing it on step by step with moisture. Below the infosheet with all info about this great Vilene interfacing. You will find it can be washed up to 60 degrees C. Most garments are washed at 30 to 40 degrees but when it is needed you can also wash clothing with F220 a little warmer

    And washable up to 60 degrees means it will not schrink while washing it below the 60 degree temperature

    Ironing on Vilene F220 NL

    Using Vilene F220 – infosheet EN

    Patterns suitable for F220 Vilene

    Above you will have read that Vilene F220 is used for small parts of blouses and dresses. For example the shirtcollar, stand of the collar of a little upright collar. Facings can also be fused with F220 and ofcourse the placket of a blouse or mens shirt

    Does your pattern come with pockets? The pocket flap will be crisp with F220. The white mens shirt is a good example of this

    Notice below that childrens clothing and F220 go together well

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