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Welcome to Beauty VoF » Vilene interlining or interfacing tape for seams and hems

Vilene interlining or interfacing tape for seams and hems

Gebruik vlieselineband voor een mooi resultaat

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Vilene tape for seams and hems are available in different types. Use vilene interfacing tapes for a better end result and also because it is easy! You do not have to cut strips of interfacing but you just take your roll and apply it to your fabric…

We have created a page with examples so you can see where which tape can be used, click the button below to visit the page

For hems there is special hemtape. You can iron in the tape and your hem is done. No sewing required. Do you want to reinforce the hem and sew it afterwards you can choose one of the different edgetapes.
Furthermore we distinguish between tape for stretch facbrics and tapes that do not stretch.
There is one tape that does not fit the mold, solufleece tape . This one is water soluble and can be used for sewing jersey fabrics. Solufleece tape van be used on top and below the fabric and is particularly useful when hemming a T-shirt with a twin needle…

The different types of vilene tape:

Vilene interlinikng tape for seams

Vilene tape for hem and seam: Edgetape 2cm
Vilene tape for seam and hem: Edgetape 2cm
  • Formtape Vilene – for round seams like armholes, necklines and princess seams
    • White formtape 12mm with feather stitch
    • Black formtape 12mm with feather stitch
  • Vilene edgetape – for straight seams and reinforcing hems, the part of the hem you fold in
    • White edgetape 2, 3 and 4cm with reinforcing threads
    • Black edgetape 2, 3 and 4cm with reinforcing threads
  • Vilene edgetape cotton white 20mm – for straight seams and folding lines in lapel collars
  • Edgetape cotton self adhesive black 19mm – for straight seams – self adhesive so works quickly!
  • Flexible Seamtape Vilene – 15mm – for alle seams in stretchfabrics – this one has stretch
    • White Flexible Seamtape
    • Black Flexible Seamtape
  • Vilene seamtape 1cm – for straight seams like shoulders of T-shirts and more
    • Seamtape white
    • Seamtape black

These are the vilene interfacing tapes for seams, for hems there are special tapes, reaad on!

Vilene interfacing tape for hems

Vlieseline band voor naad en zoom: stretchfix zoomband
Vilene interfacing tape for seam for hem: stretchfix seamtape
  • Bondaweb hemtape vilene 20mm – transparent – for fusing hems
  • Vilene blind hem tape 3cmm with feather stitch 1cm of the edge
    • White Blind hem tape Vilene – iron in your hem in the thin supple fabrics
    • Black Blind hem tape Vilene – iron in your hem in for example a woollen skirt
  • Vilene stretchfix 30mm – transparent – for hems in stretch fabrics – this one has stretch
  • Edgetape Vilene – for reinforcing facings including seams. This tape is not hem tape in the sense that it irones your hem in place, it is used to make the hems fabric a little heavier so it falls better
    • White edgetape 2, 3 and 4cm
    • Black edgetape 2, 3 and 4cm
  • Vilene solufleece tape 25mm – white and water soluble – for sewing stretch fabrics, thin slippery fabrics and more…

Waistband shaper by Vilene

Waistshaper with perforated edges
Waistshaper by Vilene with perforated edges

When we are talking about Vilene interfacing tapes for seam and hem we are forgetting the waistband shaper.
Vilene has created a great tape for the waistband names waistshaper. The perforated edges make it easy to keep the waistband an even width. Your whole waistband will be 3cm wide all the way from beginning to end.

It is really great and simple to use. Cut of a piece of waist shaper tape the length of your waist + 10cm and iron it on the fabric. You do not have to cut extra seams, they are included in the tape. Now measure the middle and set out half of your waistsize on both sides. Take the middle of those and you have 5 pins or stripes on the waist shaper. When you are sewing trousers with a fly you put the middle of the waistband on the back seam, the other pins will fall onto the sideseams and the middle front. Sew on, fold in and sew again, in short, that is all there is to it. Simple right?

With Vilene waist shaper your waistband will be sturdy, in some fabrics even stiff. Would you like to have a more supple waistband you can always try this method with edgetape. Click the button below to see an example of it:

Solufleece tape – thé water soluble vilene tape

Solufleece tape water soluble
Solufleece tape water soluble

In the category vilene tape for seam and hem you will also find solufleece tape although it is a bit of an odd one out……

Solufleece is a vilene interlining that can be dissolved in water. What do you use it for? Mostly it is used when doing embroidery. Or to create your own fabric from wool or thread. There is also a cruhing technique which uses solufleece.

Read more about solufleece and solufleece tape on the page: in water soluble interfacing