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Sewingmachine needles Black Super

Black super naalden: stretch, fine en universeel

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New sewing machine needles with the name Black Super in threee versions: Universal, Superstretch and Fine. These new developed needles have similarities but are very different too!

Sewing machine needles black super: black super stretch, black super fine and black super universal

Similarities of the Super needles

What do these needles have in common?

They are all black. Not deep black, you can still see the silver metal through it. Looks like metallic black. This colour comes from the non-stick coating. A non-stick coating is used pm needles to make them slide through the fabric easier. It also prevents glue residu from sticking to the needle. When using interlining or embroidery backing with a coating, that coating can stick to your needle. This makes sewing rougher. An example of embroidery fleece with coating is solufix or filmoplast

the non stick coating also helps the needle eye to transport the thread better

Tip from Schmetz: Sew in a new needle. Specially when using a light coloured fabric. Sew it in on a scrap of fabric. The coating will give of its remains to the scrap instead of the fabric. Sewing it in prevents stains in your garment

All three black sewing machine needles are suitable for household sewing machines, they have a flat side…

The difference between the needles

Black Super Universal

  • Needle system 103/705 H-SU
  • The needle is very suitable for sewing self adhesive elements. Like self adhesive velcro or materials that change when sewing
  • Universal applicable: suitable for a large number of materials like heavy fabrics: jeans and felt or multiple layers like belt loops
  • The larger eye in the super universal is handy whem embroidering with a thicker thread
  • This neelde is specially designed to sew difficult materials with ease. That is why it is a Super needle
  • Special features are the non-stick caoting, larger and wider eye, special shankdesign and the needle groove is longer
  • Needlepoint is slightly rounded

Black Super Stretch

  • Needle system HAx1 SP SU
  • Use your black super stretch needle for delicate hogh elastic stretchfabrics. Also suitable for knitted lingerie fabrics, bathinsuit material like lycra and elastic lace
  • Also for fabrics like silk jersey and fine jersey
  • These needles are a good choice when using topstitching thread or sewing leather. Especially with thin and stretchy leathers like fake leather, scuba and nubuck
  • Special features include the nonstick coating. The wider eye, widened thread groove, special shankdesign (for less skipped stitches and needle breakage) and a flatter shank
  • Needlepoint is medium rounded. This is so the needles point goes between the threads of the fabric instead of through them. (this prevents unplaiting of knitted fabrics)

Black Super Fine

  • Needle system 1307/705 H-SU XS
  • Black super fine needles are made for sewing delicate fabrics. Fabrics like silk, organza, voile and other thin fabrics made from synthetic fibres, also in combination with adhesive spray of self adhesive interfacing
  • Special features of the super fine are the non stick coating. The slim shank and specially formed “lump” between the eye and the needle point
  • The point of this needle is slim and slightly rounded

Lingerie is sewn with a black super stretch needle. Sturdy felt like this cover is sewn more easily with the black super universal and garments made from voile and other fine fabrics will come out fantastic with the black super fine sewing machine needle…