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Edgetape cotton self adhesive

Kantenband zelfklevend zwart

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Edgetape cotton self adhesive is a super new product. Where we had to warm up the iron before, now we can stick it on, what a great find!

The self adhesive edgetape is 19mm wide and a roll contains 25 metres, that is so that you have enough in stock to use it frequently. Available only in the colour black. It has a backing paper, so: Cut tot size, peel of backing and stick it on your fabric…

edgetape self adhesive black

What to do with self adhesive edgetape

  • Stabilize the front seam in stretch fabrics before inserting your zipper
  • Make the shoulder seam of your T-shirt non-stretch, as this prevents sagging
  • Reinforce your hem for a fixed result
  • Use it for the collar line of a lapel collar on the horsehaircloth front of your jacket

And more quick fixes…

The main benefit of this edgetape is the quickness it allows you to work. You do not have to wait for the iron to heat, so you do not have to wait for the ironed fabric to cool. And it is easy tom use. You might even put it next to your sewingmachine for easy access 😉

More edgetape

Is cotton edging a bit too heavy for your fabric? Our normal edgetape is made of vilene interfacing H410 with a reinforcing thread in it. It is thinner than the self-adhesive cotton edging tape and available in more widths. Yes, you have to iron it on, but we can not have it all…

Edging tape is available in 2, 3 and 4 cm wide, also in rolls of 25 m and all three sizes are available in white and black. You can find how to iron it on in the attachment to the product in our webshop. It is important to follow the ironing on information, then it will apply more easily.

I like to use a pressing cloth because my iron is set a little too warm for the edgetape. The ironing temperature of the tape is wool or 2 dots and my iron is mostly on halfway between wool and cotton. The cloth prevents the tape from sticking to the bottom of my iron. I do not like cleaning my iron! Ofcourse when you use the self adhesive edgetape that will not be a problem…