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Welcome to Beauty VoF » Day of the tailor - 4th of june 2023

Day of the tailor - 4th of june 2023

Dag van de kleermaker - 4 juni 2023

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Day of the tailor on jun the 4th 2023, thé moment for a 10% discount on real tailors products!

A tailor naturally uses tailors chalk. Like on the picture below. This tailor has just marked his jacket front. After this interlining is applied. That will be sewn on by hand or fused to the fabric with the iron.

You can also see a sewing tape around his neck. This is a yellow tape and it looks like the professional quality we sell as well. The advantage of yellow is that it is an active colour and easy to spot.

Dag van de kleermaker - 4 juni 2023
Day of the Tailor – 4th of june 2023

Tailors products on offer: Day of the tailor

An oldfashioned tailor hand sews his horsehair or woollen haircloth to the jacfket front. Therefore you will find these interlinings in the sale Thin woollen haircloth interlining and the washable horsehair interlining. Both are sewn in. And for on the horsehair cloth the thin fusible volume interlining is quite suitable. You put a little volume on the shoulder of the jacket which gives you a nicely filled jacket front. It will also increase the crips look of the jacket. This volume fleece has stitches through the length of the interfacing just like Vilene H410. The idea of these threads is that the length of the fabric does not change when waring it

Professional interlining types
Professional interfacing types

A more modern tailor usually prefers a fusible interlining. It makes the whole process quicker to fuse it than to sew it, right? For that purpose we have choosen the supple viscose fusible interlining of 150cm wide. Available in black and white and made from mostly viscose with a little polyester

For the collar of the jacket you can choose to use collar felt. This true tailors product is used for the bottom collar. It gives additional support and a professional endresult

Linen for the collar is included in the sale too. This product is meant as an interlining and gives a firm collar. A real oldfashioned product but fits the day of the tailor

Last product in the sale is the tailors chalk, we have choosen to include the white tailors chalk, per piece and in a box of 48 pieces for the people who use it a lot

Conditions of the sale – Day of the tailor

You will recieve 10% discount on the selected products with an order of € 20,- excl. VAT. The action runs from the 4th june up to the 11th of june. Input the discount code in the shopping cart to claim your discount



What more does a tailor use?

A Sewing tape for example, you can not have a day of the tailor without it.
We sell different versions, f.e. these:

  • Sewing tape 150cm long, the standard so sold the most
  • Sewing tape 200cm long, for measuring large sizes
  • Waist sewing tape, secure it in the waist and measure a person for a garment. A client for example
  • Sewing tape with lead weight, use it for acurately measuring lengths. The leas will keep it hanging straight down
  • Sewing tape with 10cm long hardened piece, for taking measurements and easy marking of seams and hems. For measuring someone without touching delicate zones…

Tailors hams and other pressing materials

Hand pressing hams by wagen pers
Hand pressing tailors ham by wagen pers

A tailors ham is a real tailors product, ofcourse these are available in different sizes and types. There is also the choice for on a foot or without a foot. If you have a ham on a foot you will find it stands firm on the ironingboard or table. They do however take more space in your workshop. Read more about choosing your ham

There are many more products that you can use on the day of the tailor because everyone has their own preference!