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Professional pattern making paper in 60cm wide - NEW

Professional pattern making paper in 60cm wide is new in our product range! Order your roll professional pattern making paper ersatz in the new width of 60cm from our shop:
Breder professioneel patroonpapier in 60cm breed - NIEUW Professioneel patroonpapier in 60cm breed is nieuw in ons assortiment! Ons standaard patroon teken papier ersatz is een prachtig stevig en toch doorzichtig papier van 50cm breed. Omdat burda raderbladen 60cm breed zijn is het handig als je patroonpapier ook zo breed is. Ook als je patronen tekent voor een grotere maat heb je liever 60cm breed overtrekpapier. Daarom hebben we nu naast de normale 50cm brede ook 60cm breed professioneel patroonpapier in voorraad. Wat zit er op een rol patroonpapier? Ons professioneel patroonpapier van 50cm leveren wij op de volgende rollen: Kleine rol van 160 gram Grote rol van 995 gram (was voorheen 800 gram) Hele grote rol van 10 kg Het 60cm brede patroon teken papier verkopen wij op een rol van 995 gram. Omdat de grote rol in 50cm de best lopende variant is hebben wij gekozen om de 60cm brede ook in de grote rol te leveren. Maar hoeveel meter is dat dan? Kleine rol 160 gram - 50cm breed is ongeveer 7 meter Grote rol 995 gram - 50cm breed is ongeveer 44 meter Hele grote rol 10kg - 50cm breed is ongeveer 444 meter Grote rol 995 gram - 60cm breed is ongeveer 37 meter Lees meer over ons professioneel patroonpapier ersatz 60cm breed
Our standard pattern making paper ersatz is a beautifully firm and transparent paer of 50cm wide. Because the pattern sheets of burda are 60cm wide, it is handy to have 60cm wide tracing paper. Also when you are drawing patterns for a larger size person you may need the extra space. That is why we supply the 60cm wide professional pattern making paper now from stock. the 50cm wide tracing paper is still available too.

How much paper is on one roll professional pattern making paper?

Our professional pattern making paper of 50cm is supplied on the following rolls:
  • Small roll of 160 grams
  • Large roll of 995 grams (was previously 800 grams)
  • Mega roll of 10 kg
The 60cm wide pattern paper has995 grams of paper on it. Because the large roll of the 50cm is purchased the most we have decided to supply the 60cm in a large roll too.

But how many metres is on the roll?

  • Small roll 160 grams – 50cm wide is about 7 metres
  • Large roll 995 gram – 50cm wide is approx. 44 metres
  • Mega roll 10kg – 50cm wide is about 444 metres
  • Large roll 995 gram – 60cm wide is approx. 37 metres

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We held a survey amongst our customers about the professional pattern making paper. We recieved a lot of comments after which we decided to include the 60cm wide paper in our product range and to increase the weight of the large rolls. It used to be 800 grams, now it is 995 grams. In the future we will get the 80cm wide pattern tracing paper too. Keep an eye on your email or sign up for by clicking on the button below: And would you like to unsubscribe? No problem, below each mail there is an unsubscribe link. You are not tied to it… ?

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