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Welcome to Beauty VoF » 25 years jubilee!

25 years jubilee!

Punten sparen met Beauty Points
Jubileum: 25 jaar Beauty VoF!

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We have been around for 25 years so this year is our jubilee year. We are celebrating it with our customers!
During this year we have planned “quick-save-weeks”. In these weeks you save more points. In our “super-cash-weeks” your points are worth double!

So in the “quick-save-weeks” you save quicker and in the “super-cash-weeks” you wil get more discount, that is double the yield

Save extra Beauty Points during our jubilee year

Save points with Beauty Points

In our shop you can find the page Beauty Points here you will find the conditions and the amount of points per amount of euro’s. During our jubilee year “quick save-weeks” you save 10 point extra per amount. The vaule of the points is doubled during the jubilee year “super cash-weeks”. The only thing you need to participate is an account in our shop. If you do not have that yet please create one now. Go the the shop: and start saving!

At the top right corner in the shop you will see three icons: the puppet, the heart and the shopping cart. The puppet is for loggin on and creating your account. The heart can be used as a wishlist and the cart is for when you order


In the quick-save-week you recieve more Beauty points with your order

At an order of

  • euro 30,00 you recieve 15 point 25 points
  • euro 90,00 you recieve 50 points 60 points
  • euro 150,00 you recieve 85 points 95 points


In the super-cash-weeks your saved Beautypoints are worth twice as much!

Cash your points with your order from euro 30,00 (netto-goederenbedrag)

When can you save and cash extra points?

Would you like to know when the jubilee “quick-save-weeks” and the “super-cash-weeks” are? Keep your eye on our socials or sign up for the newsletter…

At the union days of fashion schools we visit this year we also celebrate our jubilee

At these union days we have discounts and other thing for our celebration, what it will be precicely will be kept secret. Visit us at one of these days and check out our 25year jubilee stand!
These days are organised by different fashion organisations like the BMA. On these days we meet our customers face to face and have the opportunity to talk to them and show our products…

We already have a few dates in our calender of 2024. March 22nd and november 22nd at the Cuppens Geurs intitute and in the fall we visit the BMA day, the date is not yet set but will be somewhere in oktober probably
We will be visiting the Ensaid Fasion Schools on september 21st. It has been a few years since our last visit, we are looking forward to it!

Jubilees in 2024

Beside us there are more jubilees this year. Where we are in business for 25 years, the BMA had a 10 year anniversary this year. Their party is planned to take place in the fall Congrats BMA!
En another one: the dutch hat association is 20 years old, congratulations to everyone

Amann group Mettler celebrates their 140 year existence and have created a jubilee kit. We have been able to get our hands on a few, it is a limited edition. You can find this gorgeous jubilee kit in our shop:

Here you will find the flyer on the jubilee kit by Amann Mettler: