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Finishing tape for horsehair jacket front

Use finishing tape on the horsehair cloth jacket front. The horsehair front is finished with finishing tape at the raw edges and along the folding line of the lapel collar for a crisp fold. Horsehair fronts are used in jackets of women and mens clothing.  The choice of interlining is a little different for a woman or a man. Ladies have busts and curves so a more supple interfacing is better. A man’s frame and their jackets are straighter.  Besides our finishing tape we sell a number of horsehair cloths. Horsehair cloth contains hair from other animals too. Like the woollen hair cloth that is used primarily in ladies blazers. There is also a horsehair cloth that is thin enough to use in womens clothing. Are you sewing a man’s jacket choose a real horsehair cloth, these are more suitable for men. Finishing tape is a sew in tape that is applied by hand.

Who uses finishing tape?

A tailor who makes costumes the old fashioned way with horsehair cloth and in Haute Couture it is also used frequently. When you are training for a job in the fashion industry you will come across finishing tape. You will learn to handsew a horsehair cloth front, it is an old technique that produces a really good result.
Pasband neggenband voor pikeren van plastron of paardehaar pand

Finishing tape facts

  • 100% cotton
  • 5 of 10mm wide
  • thin and flat tape
  • natural linen colour
  • on a roll of 100m or in pack of 10m
  • to sew in