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Elastic threader by prym

Elastiek rijger / rijgnaald van prym

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Elastiek rijger / rijgnaald van prym
Elastic threader by PRYM: Replacing the elastic in your pyjama pants? You can easily thread elastic in a tunnel with one of the flat elastic threaders. The openings to thread your elastic through are 6, 12 and 18mm. So ther’s always one that fits. The elastic threader by Prym has a rounded point and tapers towards the point because it will be easier to thread through the tunnel.

Elastic threaders 12

Is your elastic 12mm wide you take the middle elastic threader by PRYM, that one fits perfectly. And if your elastic is 15mm wide? Alas, there is no size 15mm but there is a 18mm one, just use that! Are you mainly making childrens clothing you will probably use a lot of elastic and because of the small size it can be a challenge to insert the elastic. These elastic threaders are plastic so they are a little bendy. Handy for small sizes..

Threading elastic or tape

Elastiek rijgnaalden van clover
Threading flat elastic in a tunnel is a piece of cake with this threader by Prym. And you can also thread tape, cords and laces with it! Cord can be round or flat and sometimes a bit oval shaped. The oval and flat cords thread well with these threaders. Because round cord is a bit more problematic use the clover elastic threaders instead. The threader left in the picture has “teeth” at the bottom. First slide the ring up, next place the cord in the teeth and lastly slide the ring back down. When threading insert the top first. Because the ring secures the cord your cord will not slip out of the threader. It is secured tightly!

Replace elastic in pyjama pants

Wether you want to thread new elastic in your pyjama pants or a normal pair of pants, with the prym elastic threader it is as easy as one, two, three. You can also insert buttonhole elastic with this threader.