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Embroidery pattern chicken free download

Borduurpatroon kip voor eierwarmer

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Embroidery pattern chicken: Last year we created this chicken pattern for on the egg warmer. This embroidery pattern is freely available on this page or you can order it in the shop when ordering your other products.

Embroidery pattern chicken for egg warmer
Embroidery pattern chicken for egg warmer

The blogpost on the eggwarmer with chicken

The eggwarmer is based on a small bowl and you can find the chicken on the “lid”. Because it is a simple egg warmer you can easily sew it in a moment before easter. Have no embroidery machine? You can also hand embroider the chick, or paint it on with textile paint or markers

You can make the lid of the eggwarmer, with the embroidered chicken on top, fit by running elastic through it, making it easy to use. If you make a larger one you can use it on larger bowls or a breadbasket too. There are a lot of possibilities… Happy easter!

Download the embroidery pattern chick

Scan de code en download de kip
Scan the code and download the chicken

You can scan the QR code for a free download, it is valid until 27-3-2025

Or click the link: Embroidery pattern chicken free download

The link is alo valid until 27-3-2025

We have more embroidery patterns besides the chicken, you can find them in our shop in the embroidery patterns category. We will be expanding this category considerably, offering free downloads and paid patterns.

The chicken embroidery pattern is a free pattern, a so called freebie in the world of machine embroidery. Most (freebees) embroidery pattern websites are english therefore the english name even for a dutch website…