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PRYM Cover buttons - do it yourself

Deze stofknopen zijn al klaar

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Making fabric covered buttons, prym 11, 15, 19, 23, 29 and 38mm
Making your own fabric covered buttons? Prym cover buttons are metal buttons in two parts, you cover them and secure the fabric with the back piece. The buttons are sewn on through the back loop so you do not see the stitches. There are different sizes ranging from 11mm up to 38mm and Prym has created a handy tool for them. Only the largest of 38mm does not fit in the tool. However, it is a pretty large button and easily put together without the tool. The smaller cover buttons are better made with the tool, like the 11, 15 and 19mm. The larger sizes van be made fairly simple by hand although with the tool it is easier!
These cover buttons are done
This is how self made fabric covered buttons can look
Cover buttons you obviously buy from the prym brand, those are the best. Cover buttons from Hema or Action are of a lesser quality. Prym’s fabric cover buttons have “teeth” in the edge of the cap, they keep the fabric in the cap easily and the backs will simply click in place. Quality can not be denied…

Prym fabric cover buttons are also called

Granny used these buttons too, she knew them as picpac or pcik pack buttons. Other names are pad buttons, covered buttons or click buttons. OIn the picture you will see a number of buttons that are finished. It can be fun to vary different fabrics. Like take a white blouse and sew on self made prym cover buttons with polkadots, that is a great detail right? And when we are designing make the fabric appear in other locations too, the yoke, the collar, the edge of the cuff, the possibilies are endless…

Making fabric covered buttons prym – Supplies

Blouse with prym fabric cover buttons and red accents
Blouse with fabric covered buttons and red accents
Prym fabric cover buttons can be made for you but it is not difficult so why not do it yourself? To make these fabric cover buttons you need:
    • The buttons in the correct size and quantity
    • The tool by Prym
    • Fabric
    • Scissors
    • Possibly sewing thread and needle

How to make fabric covered buttons with the tool

Fabric covered buttons prym – how to make them yourself

1. Cut a circle from your fabric. It should be a bit bigger than the cap of the button
2. Of course it needs a seam because otherwise you can not insert the edges into the button. Mostly 1cm will suffice
3. Put the bluegrey part of the tool on the table, circle on top and press the cap down into the tool
4. The seam allowance will fold in, the last bit you will have to press in yourself. I usually use embroidery scissors, seamripper of pin for that
5. Put the back piece of the button on top and be sure to put the raised rim down. The “flat” side is the side you will see on the finished button. Put on the purple part of the tool and press the back piece down. Your prym cover button is ready to be sewn on!

    1. Tip: Is your fabric thin? Reinforce it with interlining
2. Tip: Is your fabric thick do not choose a very small button and you might need a little more seamallowance to get it on the cap
3.Tip: Experiment with a circle before clicking on the back so you have enough seam allowance and the fabric does not fray and fall of your button, that would be a shame!
4. Tip: Does your fabric not comply? Some fabrics can really work against you, if yours is too take a needle and thread. With a not to small stitch make your way around the circle on the seam allowance. Then put in the cap and pull the thread and it curls in more easily!
When you have trouble dividing the buttons on your garment try to use the simflex expanding sewing gauge. Read more about it here:

Creating special cover buttons prym?

Ofcourse you can make cover buttons with just fabric but they can be decorated also. Think of embroidery, topstitching or other decorative techniques. Read our blog for inspiration and examples:

Video by Prym about making covered buttons

Prym has created a video tutorial in which they show you how to make these buttons yourself. It also coveres making button holes, how to sew on a button and more. You can find it below or on youtube on the prym channel so click and see how simple it really is…